The Shores Restrictions

The restrictions are to assure that all homes in The Shores meet your high Standards. We want to keep these restriction clear and simple. All homes in The Shores now and in the future must meet these restrictions. These restrictions will guarantee The Shores will be a nice place to live always.

Your Home

  • Must have a shingled roof.
  • May have wood or vinyl siding.
  • Must always be in good repair.
  • Used homes in good condition are welcomed.
  • All decks and porches must be wood or composite.
  • All skirting must be solid wood, vinyl, or composite.

Your Yard

  • Lawn must be mowed, watered, and fertilized.
  • Only a storage shed and lawn furniture are allowed in the yard.
  • Concrete side walks are required form the parking pad to the home.
  • All move-in requirements should be completed in 30 days.

A complete list rules can be obtained upon request.